Possible Sighting at Lake Errock

On April 24th, 2018 at approx 08:30 am, our witness in this case was driving to Chilliwack when he saw something in the tree-line moving; which walked out onto a house site.  At first he thought it was a large man doing yard work but after thinking the situation over and over again in his mind he realized he was looking at something different? The full interview with the witness follows. He, as well as the owners of the property, has asked for anonymity. So their names are being withheld from the written report.

Thomas Steenburg

B.C. File # 10209
LOCATION: Highway #7 (Lougheed Hwy) between Beaudry Rd, and Harrison Rd. British Columbia.
DATE: April 24, 2018.
TIME: 8:30 am.
REPORT BY: Thomas Steenburg

The witness in this case had made a post on the ‘West Coast Sasquatch’ web page.  Brad Trent replied to him asking him to contact myself.  Brad informed me of the post and I to asked him to contact me, which he Did.  On May 5th, 2018 myself with colleagues Brad Trent and Bill Reid, we met the man at the nearby Harrison Mills golf course restaurant and had a proper interview.  His original post to the website reads:

“I had a sighting on April 24 2018 at 8:00 am near Lake Errock.  I was driving East on Lougheed Highway between Beaudry road and Harrison Bay road. On the left-hand side I saw movement and saw the Sasquatch walking from the forest across someone’s side yard to get behind a fence attached to the side of the house.  The Sasquatch was huge, walking hunched and with bent knees and was dark brown from head to foot.  The weather was clear sky and bright sunshine.  I went back at 5:30 pm and took pictures of the area. I have family who live in this area so I drive this section of the Highway frequently.”

The interview I had with him now follows.

First of all would you state your full name please?
Answer with held from transcript.

Do wish to remain anonymous?
For now yes.

What is your present mailing address?
Answer with held from transcript.

The reason you were out in this area at the time of incident?
My Father bought a house out here a year and a half ago, and I come out here as often as I can.

What is your phone number?
Answer withheld from transcript.

What is your occupation?
I am an accountant, working for a finance department. In a office tower in downtown Vancouver.

Do you wear corrective lenses?

Do you ware them at all times?
Yes. I just got brand new glasses, for driving.  Specific for focusing at distances.

How old are you?
I was born in 65, so I am 53.
Where did this incident occur?
On Lougheed highway, between Beaudry road, and Harrison bay road.

What date did this take place?
April 24. (2018)

Was it at night or day?
It was early in the morning.

What time?
8 am.

In your own words tell me what happened?
I left the house at 8 o’clock, (Fathers house), I was driving with the convertible top down, and I was driving up the road, (east bound), I noticed someone or something walking out of the trees. I could see the silo wet of the head, the shoulders, and part of the back, and as I was driving I kept staring at it. I passed the tree line, theirs a row of trees that is strait. Right at the edge of the property. Where it came out. I had the perfect view of the profile of it. It was hunched over. It was walking with bent knees. One of the legs was at a 45 degree angle. I kept driving.

You didn’t stop?
I didn’t stop.

It was actually in someones yard?
It had come out of the tree line, The little forest there, it actually isn’t a forest, it is actually someones property with trees that are 50 to 60 years old. As it step ed out of that area into the clear area, between the trees and a persons house. I don’t know who lives there?

Did you see where it was going?
It was heading toward the back yard.

It was heading toward the back yard?
Yes. It didn’t look at me, it kept looking forward.

Just describe the area where it was for me again?
That area there’s, a couple of houses at that first intersection at Beaudry road. Then there’s a bunch of trees that looks like it’s a vacant lot, Its virgin forest which backs on to more forest, then there’s a house right beside that. Then beyond that there’s a trailer and a Honda civic sitting there.

It’s a single house property right on the highway?
All by it’s self. Right beside a tract of forest.

Why were you in the area at the time?
My Neise was visiting her grandfather at Chilliwack. I was driving toward Agazzi heading for Chilliwack.

What distance would you estimate you were from the subject when you saw it?
Maybe 30 to 35 meters?

What color was it?
It was dark brown from head to toe. I didn’t see any skin tone. Just one color from head to toe.

What was your first impression?
I thought, ‘somebody doing yard work’? Then I saw it in profile and I thought, ‘Gee, that guy is wearing baggy closes.”  Then as I am going up the highway a bit I thought, ‘that wasn’t a person? What the hell did I just see?’  There was no clothes, there was no white hands, I couldn’t see white on the face? It was too big, and really didn’t walk like a human. Then I am thinking, ‘My god I just saw a Sasquatch!’  And the thing is, you don’t realize ’til, there is no reference card in your brain to identify a Sasquatch immediately.  So you just have to put the pieces together. Then you figure out what it was.

How did you react when you saw it?
Disbelief. I didn’t want it to be real. The rest of the way to pick up my niece, I’m thinking, Sasquatch, Sasquatch. Sasquatch, Sasquatch. No, I am not going to tell her, ’cause she is going to be staying at my father’s house, and I don’t want her to be scared.

What was it doing?
It was just walking.

It was walking the whole time?
Yes. It was moving as it came out of the tree line.

Was it hairy?
Yes. It was dark brown. It must have been hairy.

Did it stand and walk upright?
Yes it was upright.

Did you ever see it go down on all fours?
No I did not.

How tall would you estimate the subject to have been?
I think it was probably between 8 and 9 feet.

When it went by the house how tall was it compared to the side of the house?
Well I didn’t see it go behind the house. I saw it between the trees and that fence. It was at least as high as that fence. It was hunched over.

Which would be how tall?
The fence? I don’t know?

Taller than a man, shorter than a man?

STEENBURG NOTE: Onsite investigation on the property revealed that it really was not a fence at all but a barrier behind the house which had been moved by the owners of the property after April 24.  It was about 6 feet tall which the witness thinks was a little shorter than the subject which was walking hunched over.

How much do you think it weighed?
I really don’t know. 300 pounds?

Heavier than a man?
I would say. Yes.

How long do you think you saw it for?
3 seconds?

Did it see you?
No. It must have heard me? I had the top down and the stereo blasting.

Oh you are one of those kind of drivers, eh?
LOL. (Nods head and shrugs shoulders)

Where you the only car on the highway at this point?
Yes. I was the only car on the highway. And then. So I am driving. I was wondering what it was? When you are driving through to Agazzi through this area, you go up this little mountain range, and there is this little pull out there? I tested were my location was? My GPS. It told me than it was 8:19 in the morning.

Did you notice any facial features?

Could you tell if it was male or female?
From the profile, there was no breasts, so it must have been male?

Do you know that or are you guessing?
I couldn’t tell the sex of it.

Could you describe the arms?
This is the strangest part. I didn’t see the arms. It was kind of like, either I saw it when they were flush with the body. Or it was hiding it’s arms for some reason?

Did you smell anything before, during or after?
No. I didn’t smell anything.

Are there any other physical characteristics of the subject that stand out in your mind?
Yes. When I saw it from the back, it was if the Sasquatch was in a clock, the middle of it? I saw from 5 o’clock. The profile of the back the head was kind of. There was no neck. Just a rounded shape right onto the shoulders.

So you not only saw it in profile. You saw it from the back as well?

So it was moving from the road towards the back of the house?
It was moving from the trees. It was moving from the tree-line, outside of the tree-line towards the back of the house.

In the time you saw it, you watched it walk from the tree-line.  I am going by the drawing you made?
That’s how I saw it – in profile. It was right on the edge of the trees when I saw its back.

I take it you did not go back to look for footprints?
No I didn’t. No.

Did you report what you saw?​
I told my brother that day. When I got back from the airport (Chilliwack Airport), my brother was there. I told him I saw it. We went for a drive by the location and I said that’s where it happened, showed him the tree-line. Straight trees, forest on the one side, house on the other, it was the only place on that part of the road with those features. So we went back to our house (Father’s house).

How did he react when you told him?
I think he knows now that they are around. I think he tried to deny it. I tried to talk about it for awhile, then I stopped talking about it because I didn’t want to freak him out. Then I thought about it. So I went back and took those pictures. I took pictures of the location. And for the next 3 nights I stayed at our house, I was house sitting as my father had gone to Calgary. And I was so scared. I had the lights on and the TV on all night long. All the blinds closed. I couldn’t sleep. So when I got back to my house in West Vancouver, I decided to make a report on it. I found your web site (West Coast Sasquatch), I wanted to keep it a local report. So that’s the one I chose.

You didn’t report it to the RCMP or anything?

Describe you general outdoor experience for me?
I used to be a Boy Scout. I have camped around here. And in Sasquatch Park, I am never going to go back there. My father has 5 acres, all wooded, I have set up trail cams. Two of them on the property. I have caught images of Bears, Bob cat, Coyote’s and squirrrels. I have those on my youtube page.

So if you see a bear, you know what you are looking at? You see an elk, you know what you are looking at?
I caught an image of a bear walking. My sister was walking in the dark, having a coffee in the morning and the bear was following her out back.

I take it there were no other witnesses?
I was alone.

What do you think it was?
Well there’s only 3 things it could be. I was hallucinating, There was someone in a costume, Or it was a Sasquatch.

Has any of your friends or family members ever made a report like this before?

Have you ever made a report at any time to anyone else?
No, I haven’t.

Do you think it was a Sasquatch you saw? Or do you think you were mistaken?
I don’t think I was mistaken. The profile from the back, and the profile from the side, it couldn’t have been a bear, there was no snout. There were no ears.

OK.  Once again tell me what happened? I know it’s irritating and repetitive?
I am driving by and I see something moving in trees. That area is actually not thick forest, it is an open field but with some high trees. I see this. Thing from the back, I see the head and the shoulders, the side and the back. I think for a moment ‘someones doing yard work’, early in the morning. I’m looking at it as I drive by, I see the profile, it’s walking into the clearing toward the back of a house. Gee, that person has baggy clothes? One color from head to toe? Its huge? It’s knees are bent? So then I keep driving, and then I finally released that, putting all of this together in my mind that I just saw a Sasquatch? So I just kept driving and telling myself I saw a Sasquatch. I couldn’t concentrate or anything, I stopped for lunch and I kept thinking, ‘What am I going to do. What am I going to do’. Oh my god, now I know the things are real’. I am just terrified to house sit my fathers house’.

Are you still bothered by what you saw?
Yes. Extremely.

What bothers you the most about it?
The fact that um. The forest at my Dads. The forest is literary my Dad’s back yard. Those things could be coming down and walking around the house?

Are you frightened by that?
Yes. Extremely. I couldn’t sleep in my Dads house. I had to turn the lights on.

STEENBURG NOTE: Witness at this point goes into detail concerning to nightmares he has had after the sighting. I will not reproduce them here as they are, in my opinion, very personal.

Do you feel any better now by talking about it?
I told a friend of mine. At work. She told me that the best way to deal with this is to think about it positively? She said, “You saw one, now try to help prove they are real”. She said, “Don’t shoot them.”So I am going to try and take her advice.

This concluded my interview with the witness. I asked my colleagues at this point if they had any questions for the witness. We all sat and talked with him for awhile. It was apparent to us that he indeed was bothered by what he saw and I hope that we were able to put him at ease a little bit.
After we stopped at the property in question and introduced ourselves to the owner and a gentleman whom runs a firewood business out of the property. Both of whom will also remain anonymous in this report.
The gentleman who ran the firewood business seemed to be intrigued by the possibility of a Sasquatch on the property and told to go ahead and look around. The owner seemed a little more skeptical at the suggestion but not dismissive. A search revealed that the grass had been cut since April 24th, and the barrier our witness took to be a fence had been moved. The owner was deep into removing the black Barrie bushes back a fare distance , so a lot of the back area behind the house was being cleared. Neither man had seen anything odd or seen any footprints. Our search revealed only a few boot prints and nothing else.
In my opinion the witness in this case is not trying to pull off a hoax. I conclude that he either mistook a man or he did indeed see a Sasquatch.

Thomas Steenburg

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