Bigfoot Okanagon interview

Here is a link for a recent interview (April 27, 2018) when I was visited by researcher Leon Thompson of Bigfoot Okanagon. We talked for a good while at Rocko’s Dinner in down town Mission, than later went to my place where he did an interview with my self. I told my honest opinion on all aspects of the Sasquatch question. I do want to mention one major screw up on my part. When I am asked about twisted trees I tell how this theory got started. But for some reason I state Bob Gimlin, when I meant to say Bob Titmus? I can’t beleave I didn’t catch myself on this BRAIN FART! I guess I am getting old. Both Bobs were and are friends of mine. The Late Bob Titmus having passed away in the mid 1990s. Bob Gimlin of P/G Film fame is still alive. Sorry about that Bob.

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