Report A Sighting Here!

Have you seen a sasquatch or a large footprint? Maybe you know someone who has?

If so, count yourself as normal.

Sasquatch sightings and footprints have been reported by police officers, fireman, lawyers, teachers, businessman, Hydro workers, hunters, fisherman — everyday normal people. People like you and me. They are not crazy — they are not hoaxers — nor are they seeking attention.

We would like to hear your story, even if it might be second hand.

If you wish to remain anonymous, we can guarantee that. Your privacy is very important to us.

We have a diverse group of professionals in our group, including active and retired: scientists, university professors, military veterans and police officers. You will find us to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and respectful of your story and privacy.

Please call (604) 826-6150. Please leave a contact number, a date and time that the sighting took place, the location, and a statement as to what was observed and by whom.