A researcher can never be ready to record images and video footage 24/7 unless you are able to employ one of those continuous recording devices now available on the market. But even then, it seems more often or not the researcher was looking the wrong way at the key moment.  Or the camera failed to record, or it was over too fast to get a good clear image.

All these scenarios are conceivable for the one time so far in my 37 years of searching I might have seen a Sasquatch at extreme distance.  There wasn’t time to bring my Land Rover to a stop, let alone take aim with a camera and start shooting.  We also should remember that the researcher is a human being, with the same human traits.  He or she encounters something incredible, and he hesitates.  By the time he recovers to think about aiming and shooting, it’s most often too late.

So it seems that getting good clear footage of a Sasquatch is a long shot at best but we all still hope that someone out there, whether searching or just a witness out to enjoy nature, will come across a Sasquatch and get that nice clear photo or that incredible bit of video footage that has not happened since 1967. (Hoaxers need not apply). But I, like all of you, still try.  And we still hope.

Thomas Steenburg

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