As a quick first post on this new blog, I will just simply start things off with posting my opinion as to what this species is; assuming of course the creature actually exists.  I started looking into this matter in September of 1978 and since that time the world of Sasquatch research has grown and transformed into a little bit of everything for everybody.  Researchers from all walks of life have entered this mystery with every type of preconceived notion the human imagination can possibly contrive.  All this to the detriment of the subjects credibility to those in society whom would or could influence the direction of  on-going research, thus stacking the odds against a discovery in the near future.  Assuming of course there is anything out there to discover?

With this in mind, I very early in my own personal research adopted a personal motto. ‘Stick to the facts, and never deviate from the facts‘.  By doing this I discard, for the most part, claims of a paranormal nature.  The Sasquatch, in my opinion, is a species of higher primate.  A creature of flesh and blood. They have been here for thousands of years and will continue to do so.  As long as large areas of wilderness continue to exist in western North America I can see no problem with this creatures ability to survive.

Some have claimed that the Sasquatch is an endangered species.  I think those who make such claims are acting on emotion rather than any common sense study of the facts. They are thinking with the heart not the head.  This creature has displayed an amassing ability to live and breed and exist on the very edge of our modern society.  Their elusive nature is what makes the species a success story of survivability and a great ongoing mystery for society in general.

Thomas Steenburg

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