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Olympic Project

I was invited by Derek Randles, of the Olympic Project, to give a presentation at an annual get together in the beautiful north Olympic wilderness at a location near Lake Crescent, Washington State on the Victoria Day long weekend of 2016.

May 20th to May 22nd to be exact; a holiday long weekend in Canada but not in the U.S.

Dave Ellis, describes possible Sasquatch vocals
Dave Ellis, describes possible Sasquatch vocals

This group, unlike so many others out there, are not what I commonly refer to as “inmates running the asylum”  but a collection of serious-minded researchers whom combine their research methods in order to find the evidence needed to either confirm or, in some cases, disprove the existence of Bigfoot in the wilderness of Washington State.  Some researchers came from Oregon, as well as Canada, not to mention Texas, all there to share ideas and methods to collect and gather evidence.

Other presenters included Dave Ellis, who gave a very interesting presentation on recorded possible vocals.  Tom Baker gave a presentation on Washington State report statistics which I found very interesting to listen to.  Tom, and Derek Randles also, spoke earlier on what one should carry with them in the bush; which would be needed for everyday survival but keeping in mind: the lighter the better.

A female Texas researcher whom I will not name, as I think she asked me not to, gave a great talk around the camp fire on how one can create a portable, but professional, DNA collection kit.  That is something I plan to include in the future.   My presentation was on the general history of the Sasquatch in British Columbia which I think it was well received.

Later, I sat down with a gent named Wes Germer, who is the host of the radio program ‘Sasquatch Chronicles’ of which I have never in the past been a guest on.   What I had to say pissed a few people off, according to the comments  section on the program web page.  But too bad for them; I stand by my comments and to hell with those who choose to cling to wishful thinking rather than face reality.   You can listen with the link below.

I recommend this radio program to all who have an interest in this on going mystery as it mostly concentrates on eye witness testimonies and their alleged encounters with a Sasquatch.  The program lets the listener decide which encounters may be true.

Another interesting experiment was conducted by the group to test everybody on taking photos and videos quickly in the bush. Tom Baker filled in for the Sasquatch, popping out along the trail at certain points to be photographed and video taped.  Well, out of 30 people, including myself, only one woman took one good clear picture, and that was by accident rather than intent.  To all those skeptics who always say that with all the modern camera equipment, surely some clear footage or photo would have happened by now.

Well, this experiment proved to me that it is not as easy as it looks.  My mistake was choice of video camera.  My Air Pro video camera is great as long as the subject is right in front of you but objects in the bush which seemed close and clear with the naked eye, on the screen come out seemingly twice the distance.  In one case,  even further than that.

It was an eye opener.

Night outings and other day outings followed without any evidence being found.  But it was a great time with a group whom I have come to respect; and have put my mind at ease that the inmates taking over the asylum have not infiltrated every where. … YET!

Thomas Steenburg


News For The Soul Radio

In 2004, I was guest on the radio program ‘News For the Soul’ with host, Nicole Whitney.  It was a Halloween program in late October of that year and she had decided to do a segment on something other than ghosts and haunted houses.

During the broadcast, she suggested doing a follow up interview in the near future, as well as coming out  with me on an excursion to see first hand what looking for evidence would entail.   I thought it was a good idea and said, “sure, why not?”

Well, the years went by.   I had totally forgotten about the whole thing then she contacted me in early spring of 2016 – 12 years later – to follow up on the matter. The lady does not forget things!

So, I took her and a few of her crew out for an afternoon of Sasquatch history and searching for evidence on a cold, overcast day.  I think they found the experience enjoyable and interesting.

See after photo below. We also did a follow up interview; the link is below.  Hope you enjoy.

Nicole Interviews Sasquatch Researcher Thomas Steenburg 2016

Best looking group of Sasquatch seekers I have had with me in bush for a long time! Program host, Nicole Whitney, is on the right.


Mystery Valley

Yesterday, May 8, 2016 myself and Brad Trent took a trip up through Mystery Valley which lies between Harrison Lake and Lake Chehalis.  I had heard, third-hand, about loggers reporting the finding of 18 inch footprints in and around their timber operations a week earlier.  No details or names, and a very vague location was given but we decided to head up for a look around, any way.

Last year, the west side of Harrison Lake was devastated by an enormous forest fire; the area of which we had to travel through to get to Mystery Valley.  This was my first chance to take a look at the damage with the winter snow gone.

On our way up, at the 9 kilometer point, the forest service was fighting another fire with men and helicopters with water filled sling bags. This time they seemed to have gotten control of things before it got too big.

We stopped at the spot of my  own possible sighting of a Sasquatch in 2004 which I thought was very revealing with all the thick under brush now gone due to last years fire? See photo below…

Site of possible sighting by Steenburg in 2004?

The upright figure I spotted in 2004 crossed this cut line right at the top of the ridge, to disappear in the trees on the right hand side; it was about 5 seconds in duration.

In this May 8, 2016 photo the trees are burnt due to the forest fire of 2015 and all of thick under brush is gone. Yet, already the green is starting to return as nature repairs herself. Every time I past this spot I wonder: what was it I saw in 2004?  Large man or a Sasquatch? It had to be one or the other.

Going through Mystery Valley, I stopped to check out a drainage area where in the past I have found many wildlife tracks, as well as human.  No Sasquatch prints yet but checked it out any way – just in case.  This time still no Sasquatch tracks but did find the pug marks of a large black bear.  See photo below…

Black bear prints
Black bear prints

Near the north end of Chehalis Lake, we followed along a logging road which was recently reopened.  I had been down this road before but it was so overgrown and neglected that only a few kilometers could be explored.  Today, we got about 12 kilometers in before reaching the end of the line due to an old bridge which was washed out.  See below photo…

Bridge and road gone!

We did meet two loggers who were filling large water tanks from a creek but they  had no knowledge of any strange footprints being found by any of their guys in recent times.   All in all it was a nice trip.

But once again no prize at the end of the line.

Thomas Steenburg


Sighting Report 10196

I will present this report in two parts as it consists of the full testimonies of both witnesses involved.

Thomas Steenburg


map file 10196 A


Yuri and Samantha
B.C. FILE # 10196
LOCATION: Highway 97, Just north of McLeese Lake General Store
TIME: Approx 4:00 am
DATE: Friday, January 22, 2016.
REPORT BY: Thomas Steenburg

What follows is a transcript of two interviews with two witnesses whom reported encountering a possible Sasquatch at 4 am, Friday, January 22, 2016. This encounter accrued a few km north McLeese Lake, on Highway 97; at times a lonely stretch of road. The tow truck driver, Yuri Seterengen, and his girlfriend, Samantha Godwin, have not requested confidentiality concerning this case.
Hello, did you phone me around noon today?

Yeah I did. I saw you on TV there, and my girlfriend and myself had a sighting a few nights ago.

Do you have time right now to talk?

Sure you bet.

Could you state your full name please?

Yuri Seterengen.

Where are you residing, Yuri?

I am calling from Williams Lake B.C.

Williams Lake? Is that close to where this happened?

Yes it is. Its about, 45 minutes away.

STEENBURG NOTE : At this point in the interview we talked a bit as I was trying to pin point where on Highway 97, this actually occurred. Both witnesses reside in Williams Lake, British Columbia.

You were driving just north of McLeese Lake when this happened?

We were called out to tow a large truck. Broken down. I was driving one of those big rig tow trucks. I brought my girlfriend with me.

What’s her name?

Samantha Godwin.

You were on a call? You are a tow truck operator?

Yes. We were hooking up the Tow truck, like the driver of the truck had left as the box had been hooked up to another truck so he was long gone.

STEENBURG NOTE: Yuri started to rattle off the whole story at this point but there were a few more details I wanted to hear before getting into it.

Yuri, your present phone number is (withheld from written report)

Yes, it is.

What is your present mailing address?

(withheld from written report)

Where on Highway 97 did this occur?

Just outside of McLeese Lake.

What date did this take place?

On the 22nd, (January 2016).

22nd of this month?


STEENBURG NOTE: This interview was done on Friday, January 29th, 2016. One week later.

Was it night or day?

Early morning hours. So night, around 4 am.

It was still dark out?

Oh, yes. It was still dark.

What happened?

Well, I was out. We were both out, we were hooking up the rig that was going to be towed. She told me saw a large, you know, a large human-like creature? I was joking with her; I said, “well, that would be a Sasquatch – ha, ha”.  You know, kinda not taking her seriously. I come up from the truck and I hear the weird sounds? (I hear someone talking to Yuri in the background).  It was walking right along the highway.  I was unfamiliar with the sounds so I jokingly say to her, “ maybe that was your Sasquatch”. (Yuri still had not seen the subject at this point) She actually got scared and went back in the tow truck. So, I finished hitching up the rig, I took about half an hour, and just as I was turning around I looked over my shoulder, I see this, Sasquatch? And, like this was so fast, that it just disappeared back into the shadows. It was kind of like it had an interest in what we were doing? You know the lights on the tow truck. She (Samantha) got back in the tow truck when we started hearing those sounds. I don’t know? She saw it when it was walking on the highway so she can describe it better? I only got to see it for a second but, she heard me yell when I saw it, over my shoulder, I kind of got brain fever, (Hesitated) a couple of seconds, then I thought to see if I could fined a footprint, and I got about 30 feet in front of the tow truck, thought better of it. But what I saw was identical to what she saw. Like what I saw was light brown hair, when it was in the light it appeared shinny? But when it hit the shadows it was gone? The way it moved, it was so fast. (Again I can hear a female voice in the back ground talking into his ear), I can let you speak with Samantha for a second as she saw more of it then I did.
If you don’t mind, I will speak with you first, then I will speck to her?

OK, yep.

Describe the area in which this took place?

High way 97, the lone highway up through the interior of BC. There are railway tracks there. On the other side, (West side), The Fraser river runs parallel to all that. Kind of sparse, not much wooded area, but on the other side of the tracks it is mountainous with lots of trees.

Did this happen on the east or west side of the highway?

This was on the east side of the highway.

The east side is where the trees are?

Yes. But when she saw it it was on the west side of the highway. And when I got a glimpse about a half hour latter, it was on the east. So it would have had to cross the highway. T hats what gets to me, it must have been intrigued by what we were doing? Like the orange truck lights flashing and stuff like that, I mean to be there the whole time like that ? That sounds really odd?

Was there snow on the ground?

Yeah there is snow. I actually went back to go try to find some tracks. Like I said it was raining that night, so I don’t know?

How much snow?

Well its been so warm here. Its been a warm winter, Raining so much there is not much left now. Just batches of snow, and most of what was here that night is now gone.

What distance would you estimate you were from the thing when you saw it?

When I saw it? It must have been about 30m or 40m. It was so brief, but I know what I saw. It just moved so fast.

What was your first impression?

I thought to myself, ‘No I didn’t just see that’, I didn’t know what to think. Then I yelled to her, (Samantha), I am still having a hard time, grasping it, Ha Ha.

What was it doing?

Well it was walking, like non saliently, she, (Samantha) could see how long the hair was, from it’s arms and everything, like when cattle is walking, like there was a structure to it

What was it doing when you saw it?


What was it doing when you saw it?

I just saw it for a fraction. I think what happened, it saw me turn around, and it wanted to get out of sight of me. I just saw the back of it, poof it disappeared right back into the shadows.

Did it stand and walk upright?

Yep it appeared to be upright. You could see it’s arms, you could see everything.

Steenburg Note: At this point I could here Samantha talking in the background saying that the subject was hairy. I told Yuri that I would talk to her about what she saw after I talked to him.

Hairy. She says it was real hairy.

I will talk to her about what she saw. Right now I will talk to you.


Did it ever go down on all fours?


Did it ever go down on all fours? What you saw, not what she saw?

I didn’t see it go down on all fours, I just saw it for a second. But it didn’t appear to be on all fours, but she was giving it for the shadows.

Did it seem to be hairy?

Yeah, light, light brown, like it was shinny? I couldn’t be leave how shinny the hair was. It was such a light brown color. Nothing like the pictures on line?

What color did you say it was?

Light, light Brown.

STEENBURG NOTE: It was lightly raining at the time of this incident so I wonder if it appeared shinny do to combination of a light brown color, wetness, and the tow truck area flood lights?

How tall would you estimate it was?

Oh I couldn’t even give you a estimation.

If that’s the case, then that’s what I wont to hear. How heavy do you think it was?

I just saw it from the back breafly. But I would guess 4 to 500 pounds.

Did you notice any facial features?

No I didn’t. No.

Any details of the arms?


Could you tell if it was male or female?


How long do you think you saw it for?

I saw it for maybe a second.

I assume it did see you?

That’s why, I think that it ran for shelter, because I was turning around.

That was my next question. What was it’s reaction?

Ha, ha, it bolted.

Did it make any noise?

Well I heard noises before, but I wrote those off.

What noise did you hear before?

It’s hard to describe. Not like a dog, more like an elk? I don’t know.

Did you have the impression that the noise was meant for you?

It must, I believe so now. I believe we had it’s attention, and it was making this noise at us, like it was really curious about what we were doing?

STEENBURG NOTE; The noise was heard by Yuri after Samantha had told him about what she had seen, but before he saw what he saw. In fact when the vocal was first heard he called out to her as she was now sitting in the cab of the tow truck. “I guess that might be your Sasquatch” with a laugh to himself.

Did you smell anything before, during or after?

No. Nothing like what I read about on line, you people describing a pungent Oder or anything like that. This looked at lest to me like, well groomed for lack of a better word.

Are there ay physical characteristics of the subject which stands out in your memory?

What do you mean?

Anything about it’s physical appearance which you remember but we haven’t talked about?

No. I didn’t get to see it for long enough, I just got a glimpse of it.

Did you check for footprints later?

I did. A couple of days later.

On the 23rd or the 24th?

We went back on the 26th.

STEENBURG NOTE: They did find impressions is some of the snow patches which remain on the ground but rain and warm temperatures had reduced them to the point of being useless. Also no photos were taken.

Did you report what you saw?

Well I didn’t know who to report this to?

Not to the R.C.M.P?

No. I didn’t, no.

How old are you Yuri?


Do you ware corrective lenses?

No I don’t. I have 20/20 vision.

I take it your girlfriend, (Samantha) is the only other witness?

Looking back, what do you think it was?

I honestly believe it was a Sasquatch.

Do you wish to remain confidential?

No. It does not matter to me. One or two people out there will believe us as they have seen things to. I am not to worried about what people think.

If you two have time I would like to talk with Samantha now?



PART 2 of this investigation will be posted in a few days.

Thomas Steenburg

Sasquatch Slow Down

Well, it sure has been a strange and slow Fall in the Sasquatch field, so far.  Lack of reports, (credible sounding ones) at least…not much of interest seen on outings looking for evidence, etc, etc.

One has to wonder, why?  I have noticed that this is normal for this time a year, which flies in the face of what most researchers assume is the most active time of year: Fall.  Not so, according to my statistics.

I have had two odd reports recently.: one came to my attention when a man left a note on the windshield of my car with a small rock telling me that it was thrown by a Sasquatch which occurred up at Davies Lake, BC.  He also left his name and phone number on the note.  I did call, 3 times to be exact, but for one reason or another he has made no further attempt to contact and clarify the situation.  So, I have to assume he no longer wishes to talk about it? One has to wonder as to why he left the note in the first place?

The second was from a man who just lives south of me in Washington State who stated that his wife had recently seen a Sasquatch on the family property.  However, like the previous case, has not responded to messages for more information which I insist upon now before I investigate any further. This of course, could be a case of not clearing things with her before reporting the incident, after all many witnesses do not wish to be part of any investigation as their sighting is a personal matter they may not be ready to share with researchers.  That is understandable, too. I have encountered this many times over the years.

So far, the Fall of 2015 is turning out to be the same as so many before.  Slow and strange.

Thomas Steenburg

Educating The Public


Twice this past September, I was asked to speak to the Public about my life of researching this on going mystery.  I often get such requests from schools, Libraries, and outdoor adventure groups.  I always try to accommodate such requests as I feel, especially today, that there is so much bad information in a field of study which for the most part more resembles an asylum being run by the inmates than a serious study of whether or not our forests are home to a ongoing species of large primates. The first was held at the Chilliwack Public Library on September 26, 2015 at 1 pm.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThere was a lack of  advertising for this event, and I also failed to mention anything about it  on this blog site, which some of my friends pointed out to me,  but about 25 people did attend.   A few days later, I gave a similar presentation at a church for the ladies of the ‘Women’s Probus Club of White Rock & South Surrey’.   About 100 ladies attended this event, many of which afterward wanted to talk about Sasquatch incidents they were aware of from friends and family members in their past.   A little rushed for time but I think they all found it interesting.

Really had to watch my language, though.

Thomas Steenburg

Crandell Campground Incident

The short documentary, ‘The Crandell Campground Bigfoot Incident’ was produced about a year ago by the web site known as ‘Beyond Creepy‘. They did a pretty good job.  I still consider this incident one of the more interesting and detailed Sasquatch sighting reports I have personally investigated.  It certainly was the most interesting account from the 24 years of researching in the province of Alberta, Canada. I moved to the west coast of British Columbia for good in September of 2002. ‘Beyond Creepy’ has many such documentaries, on many topics of interest, and I do recommend to the reader to check the site out, that is if you don’t mind feeling a little “creep”-ed out afterwards.

Thomas Steenburg

Gathering Of The Minds

On August 1st, 2015 the B.C.S.C.C. had our annual get together at Green Point Recreation Park on the east side of Harrison Lake, fittingly inside Sasquatch Park . Good food and blunt talk was enjoyed all around as Sasquatch, as well as other topics of a cryptozoological-nature, were discussed.

Note the newspaper in John Kirk's hands...an article from an interior paper regarding a recent possible sighting.
Note the newspaper in John Kirk’s hands…an article from an interior paper regarding a recent possible sighting.

Several of our members went from the get together right out into the bush, in fact ,they came in from the bush in order to take part.  Sunny and hot, which was a nice change from the usual overcast and light rain we experienced on more than one occasion in the past.  Of course, the much anticipated cheese tray was the highlight of the hungry.   All there would agree on that point unless actually asked. So, that tradition will still go strong as I never ask.

bottom left: note Thomas' legendary cheese tray well enjoyed!
bottom left: note Thomas’ legendary cheese tray well enjoyed!

John Kirk, President of the BCSCC, filled us in the latest updates concerning lake and sea cryptids; always fascinating stuff.  And, of course, the Sasquatch dominated all of my time.  I also got an earful about not posting often enough on this blog, to which I could only bow my head in shame.  So, a good and informative time was had by all, without the unexpected hiccups of the last two years causing any problems with the venue.

Thomas Steenburg

Steenburg File # 10191

This is one of the more recent investigations. I have been debating whether or not to publish my investigations on this blog or not, since many witnesses have asked that their names remain confidential.  Not the case here; I hope you all find it interesting.


B.C. FILE# 10191
LOCATION: Weaver Lake, B.C. Near Harrison Lake West FSR
TIME: 10:30 AM
DATE: August 21, 2014
REPORT BY: Thomas Steenburg

I received a phone call in the evening of August 21, 2014, from a woman named Maria Muller (age 49) who reported that she might have seen a sasquatch at Weaver Lake, BC earlier that same day about 10:30 am.  Her boyfriend, Robert Bailey (age 51) was with her at the time of her sighting but did not actually see the subject himself due to the brief time it was in view; and the fact it had stepped out of sight before she brought his attention to it. However, he happened to taking some scenic photos with his cell phone’s camera at the same time and may have caught the subject in a shot with out realizing it.  By coincidence, I was only 5 minutes away when this encounter occurred near Morris Mountain.  But fate being what it is, I did not learn of it until later in the evening when she called my home.  When they checked the images on the cell phone when they got home (Surrey, BC) she spotted the figure and told Robert he had indeed captured an image of the figure they saw.  They emailed the picture to me.

My thoughts on the photo: is possible, but the figure is too distant to identify clearly.  I plan to visit the area tomorrow to see if any stationary object could account for the figure in the photo. To Maria Muller’s credit, she is not saying that it defiantly was a sasquatch.  She admits it might have been a man she saw or even someone dressed up to fool people.
A full interview with her now follows.
Thomas Steenburg

Would you please state your full name?

Maria Muller.

Do you wish to remain anonymous?

No. Why should I, LOL?

I always ask a witness that, as many do not wish it to be known that they have seen a Sasquatch, as I am sure you can understand why?

No, I am fine with it.  I know what I saw.

What is your occupation?

I’m a graphic artist.

Do you wear corrective lenses?

I do use reading glasses now as I am older, but my vision is good.

Were you wearing them at the time?


How old are you?


Where did this incident occur?

Weaver Lake.

This took place today? (Aug 21,2014)

10:30 am.

10:30 am this morning?


Tell me what happened.

We were at the water, we had gotten off the dock. We were parked right at the boat dock there.  Nobody was around, we had just gotten dressed, my boyfriend had started taking pictures with his cell phone, you know, before we left for memories.  There was nobody around.  No noise, no nothing, and off in the distance I could see somebody coming down the trail.  I saw the feet first, and then I saw the body, and it looked like a gorilla. And then it turned off to the left, and I said to my boyfriend as he was taking pictures, ”did you see it, did you get it with the camera, I just saw a sasquatch!” and he said, “no way”, and I said, “it looked just like a gorilla.”  He didn’t be leave me, and I said, “lets go over there and look,” and he said, “No, no, you’ve got Sasquatch on the brain, we are going home,” and so we went home (Surrey BC).  When we got home I told him to show me the pictures, I want to see if you got it on camera and sure enough, he did.

Describe the area where this took place?

OK, we were at the end of the dock, at the boat launch, not the end of the dock but the beginning of the dock, sorry.  Looking towards the area where the host resides, (site host for Weaver Lake, Mrs Andrea Colwell); the bridge is to the left and the beach area is to the right and the host is right behind that, can’t tell that from the picture though, and to the right of that is the beginning of the lake hiking trail, goes around the lake, we took a hike on the trail yesterday (August 20th); that is where we ended up yesterday, where I saw this thing.

What distance would you estimate you were from this thing when you saw it?

I don’t know.

Do you recall what color it appeared to be?
Yeah, it was all black.

What was your first impression?

I first saw the feet coming down the trail, from where we were, it was the only human-like movement I could see, so immediately it caught my eye.  I saw somebody walk down the trail, but when I saw the body and the head and it looked like a gorilla, I was shocked, and I said to my boy friend, “Did you see it, did you see it!?”.  “Are you getting it!?”  He didn’t know what I was talking about.  Then when I tried to tell him it was a Sasquatch and it looked like a gorilla, he just figured it was someone walking down the trail and I was seeing things.  But later, when we looked at the pictures, he saw that it was all black, and big, and it looked like it had a gorilla chest, and the fur or hair or what ever, there was no neck line, the head and shoulders were all one.  There was no neck.

What was it doing?

It was coming down the trail, I could see it between the two trees, as you can see in the picture, it was coming down the trail and then it just went left.  It was just walking.

Did it appear to be hairy, or could you tell?

I thought it was a gorilla, so I would say hairy.  It looked as though it saw us!

Did it stand and walk upright?

Yeah, it was walking like a man.

Did you ever see it go down on all fours?


How tall would estimate it was?

I have no idea. Because I first saw the feet then I saw the upper body, but by then the feet were behind bushes and stuff.  So, when I saw the chest area and the head, something was in front of it, and when it turned left and walked away it went behind a tree and I couldn’t see it anymore.  So I couldn’t describe the whole length it.  But in the picture it looks like you can see one arm and the chest.

How much do you think it weighed?

I don’t know.  It was over too fast; there was nothing to compare it with, there was nothing beside it that I could of, you compare it to?

How long did you see it for?

I would say 3 seconds. That was it.

Did it stop at all or was it moving the whole time?

It was moving the whole time. But it was facing us, I know it saw us.

That was my next question, do you think it saw you?

Yeah, it saw us.

It’s reaction?

It turned left.  All of a sudden it was behind the trees and that was it.

You never saw it again?


Did you notice any facial features?

It was too far away.  All it looked like to me was a gorilla walking like a man.

Could you tell if it was male or female?


Did you notice anything about the arms or anything?

What I thought, well, what I thought was: sasquatch was suppose to be all furry?  But what I saw today, it looked like it had a bit of a bare patch like a gorilla has (chest area), so that’s weird, because I always thought the sasquatch was all fur?  This one appeared to have a bit of a shine on the chest, like I don’t know, a chest plate?

Did it make any noise?


Did you smell anything during, before or after?

No. But at night we were hearing some strange noises.  We were joking, “maybe it’s the Samssquatch,” LOL.

Like Bubbles from ‘The Trailer Park Boys’?

Yeah, LOL.

Are there any other physical characteristics of the subject which stand out you recall?

It was just walking like a man.  It wasn’t hunched over, no nothing.  All it was, like, was a gorilla.

Did you check for footprints?

No.  I wanted him (Robert) to go over there, but he didn’t even believe I saw anything.  He thought I was seeing things.  But later, when he saw the picture he believed me a little bit more because it was all black and I said, “I know it looked like a gorilla”.

Did you report what you saw?

Yes, you.

Steenburg note: since this interview, Maria has posted about her encounter on a couple of web sites concerning the Sasquatch mystery.

Describe your general outdoor experience, do you guys camp a lot?

No, maybe twice a year. That’s about it.

There was only one other witness and he actually did not see it?

He took the picture but he didn’t see it.

That was your boyfriend, and his name is Robert Bailey?

Right, correct.

What do you think it was?

I think it was a Sasquatch.  Or a gorilla standing up.  Or it could have been someone playing a hoax, who knows?

Do you feel someone could have been playing a hoax?

I don’t know, we were the only ones there, though there was a dog somewhere barking at the time?

Steenburg note: follow-up investigation at the site, by my self and Brad Trent, concluded that there were still a very large number of other occupied sites that morning.   We determined this by checking with the camp host, Andrea Colwell, as the weekend crowd really had not started to arrive yet.  Also, Host Andrea Colwell, has a dog which does bark a lot, so this probably explains the dog barks she heard at the time.

Has any of your friends or family members made a report like this before?


Have you every made a report like this at any other time to anyone else?


As far as you are concerned, you ether saw a Sasquatch or someone pretending to be one?


Robert actually did not see it, but he snapped the picture in question?

Correct.  Yes.

Steenburg note: this concluded the interview, other than general back and forth concerning the photo and other things.  I left early the next morning for Weaver Lake with Brad Trent to do some on-site investigation.

UPDATE, AUGUST 22, 2014.

Myself, along with Brad Trent, arrived at Weaver Lake Campground at approximately 10 am this morning.   After introducing ourselves to the camp host, Andria Colwell, it was moments only to locating both the photographer’s location and the location of the subject in question.  Andria has only two beach front campsites and knew what we were asking about right away, along with being fascinated why we were there.  Both camp sites, which were vacant 24 hours before when the sighting occurred, were now occupied and two large tents had been erected . Fortunately for us, their location did not interfere with our re-creation attempts.  Some of the occupants seemed to be amused by the reason for our being there.  Investigating the location of the subject was revealing.  What Maria refers to as the trail she saw the subject on during the short time it was in view, was in fact the main road through the campground, also the object which blocked the view of the subjects lower half, both to her eyes and the photo taken by Robert, was a combination of two large logs and a boulder about waist-high, which the subject in the photo is directly behind. She said that the subject turned to its left and walked out of sight, and she did not see it again. We noticed that at the location to the left, was the beginning of the hiking trail which goes around Weaver Lake, as well as a bear-proof garbage container, and a recycling container for bottles and cans.  Also, the camp host trailer site was only about 60 feet away from the location.  Finding the spot where Robert took the photo from, was easy, too. Brad went to the spot and took a photo of myself standing right behind the boulder and logs, which the subject had been behind.  After, we changed positions and repeated the process. This was all done at approximately 10:30 am, August 22, exactly 24 hours after the encounter. When these photos are examined, both Brad and myself appear to be just as large, if not larger, than the subject.  It seems there is a very good chance that Maria saw a person wearing dark cloths either going to the garbage bins or starting to hike the Lake Side Trail, and this is a case of simple mistaken identity?  Which is what Robert suggested to her when she first told him about it.  The camp host did do some rounds through the camp ground at that time in question.  However, she always wears a high-reflective yellow jacket, the same type flag men wear on the highway, at work sites.  When she stood at the spot, she stood out like a light bulb.  I would be prepared to declare this a case of mistaken identification outright, if it weren’t for the witnesses insistence that the subject she saw was so gorilla-like in appearance, though I must admit the figure in the photo does not cry out gorilla to me.  I can state that no stationary object accounts for the figure in the photograph.  So to conclude: there are two possibilities here; 1 – it was a Sasquatch and she is right in what she saw or 2 – it was a human and she misidentified what she saw? I lean to the latter due to our on site investigation, but a Sasquatch cannot be totally ruled out here.

Thomas Steenburg