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Steenburg File# 10195

Here is a recent investigation which came to my attention just a couple of hours after it happened.  Both witnesses were interviewed close to the location over a cell phone they had in the car with them.

Thomas Steenburg


B.C. FILE # 10195
LOCATION: Highway 5, 26 km s south of Avola, British Columbia.
TIME: Approx 10: 19 am.
DATE:  August 12, 2015.
REPORT BY:  Thomas Steenburg

I received a phone call,  approx 12 noon on August 12, 2015 from a woman whom just had a possible sighting and was still in a quite an exited state.  She informed me that she and her mother have been driving home from BC to their homes in Alberta.  They were approaching the small community of Avola, BC on Highway 5, when the driver, (caller’s mother; main witness) called her attention to a figure ahead crossing the road, left to right; driver side to passenger side. The caller had been in the back seat feeding her 5 month old child, and looked forward in time to see the figure leave the road and disappear down a steep roadside embankment into the thick tress between the highway and the Thompson River not far away to the south (Highway runs east west at this point).

The ladies didn’t know what to say ;or what to do? The Driver at first thought it was a man whom jumped out of an approaching car on the road ahead of the figure walking across the highway (passing car in opposite lane). But only for a moment, as the reality of what she was looking at sunk in.  The banter between the two women at this point was one of great excitement. They did turn the car around and went back to the spot where the figure disappeared over the high embankment.  The driver did a search of the roadside and did find one possible track in the area. The other woman took a few cell phone photos of the track which she later sent to me via e-mail.

The two ladies then got back in the car and traveled as far as the pull out outside of Avola, BC where the driver phoned her husband whom informed them to contact myself.  It was while there I did a quick interview from both witnesses. The two ladies requested to remain anonymous, so their identities have been withheld from this written report.

First interview

What color was it?

Dark.  As I said at first I thought it had clothes on.

You thought it had clothes on?

Yeah. When I first noticed it, I was coming around the bend, there were a couple of cars coming toward us, between us and it, I thought someone was crossing the road, at first. But as I watched it cross the yellow line and down the bank, I knew by that point it wasn’t a man.

Did it cross the highway directly, or was it at an angle?

From what I could tell it was almost a straight line. Well, a bit of an angle.

Was it hairy?

No. Well yes. The only time I could really tell was when I passed by it so quickly.

When you passed the spot, could you still see it?

It hadn’t disappeared yet, I could just see the top of the head. I am trying to get a really good look because I am thinking: Was that a person?

Do you wear corrective lenses?

No, I don’t.

Do you need them?

No. Well just a little bit for reading.

Just reading glasses?


May I ask your age?

I just turned 52.

Oh, you’re just a young girl, I’m 54.

Why, thank you.

You and your daughter were traveling north, heading for home, which is Wadamun, Alberta? Not sure if I pronounced that right?

Yeah. You did good.

What was your first impression when you saw it?

Well, when I first saw the oncoming cars I thought they were pulled over because it appeared to me, us, someone walking across the road behind them.

You thought the oncoming cars were parked?

At first yes, but I quickly realized they were moving towards me. There was some distance right, but I soon knew they were moving towards me in the other lane. And behind them was, what I thought was, a human being walking across the highway.  And I said to my daughter, “What the heck is he doing walking out on to the highway for!” When I realized what it might be I said out loud to her, “Here comes your critter you might want to look!” She started to play close attention, she saw it as it reached the edge of the road and she too saw it step down, she also saw the dark color, the head and shoulders, but I will let her tell you her story.

Did it stand and walk upright?

Yes! It was always upright. That’s why I thought at first it was a person.

Did it ever go down on all fours?


How tall do you think it was?

I thought it was about 6 feet.

Did it appear heavy or light?

You know at first glimpse, not so heavy, or tall, but as I got closer to it it appeared bigger.

How long did you see it for?

How long what?

How long did you see it for?

10 to 20 seconds, if that long. You know traveling at 100 kms a hour, a distance of less than a quarter of a mile.

Was there a clear area between the roadside and the tree line?

A clearing, what do you mean?

It’s not a solid line of trees right up to the edge of the road?

Oh, yes it is. Oh, yes it is.  It is very treed. You can see the river through some of the areas. And spots where it seems animals have left trails on the ground. You know if you are a man and you drop off that cliff (referring to steep embankment where subject left the road), you could get pretty hurt.

Did it see you?

Um. No. Can’t really say for sure?

Could you tell if it was male or female?


I assume you didn’t hear any noise?


Did you smell anything before, during or after?


What did you smell?

STEENBURG NOTE: Witness here gives a long answer about pleasant forest odors and the smell of cinnamon she detected long after the sighting while she was searching for footprints along the road side. I am of the opinion the odors she noticed had nothing to do with what she saw.

You did check for footprints?


Did you stop right then and there or did you return?

Probably about. Oh, I don’t know?

Where you found the possible footprint was that located right where it crossed the road, or did you find that somewhere else?

Yes, that was right there. That’s where it went in.

There is a drop off there?


Did you report this to any one?

My husband, then you. My husband first (she phoned her husband and it was he who told her to contact myself by phone).

There is a second witness in this case?

My daughter, yeah.

You reside in Wadamun, Alberta?

Yes, that’s right.

Your daughter resides in Edmonton, Alberta?


You were on your way home from?

My daughter’s memorial.  And a girlfriend in Kamloops.

STEENBURG NOTE: The witness lost her other daughter recently.

So, it was a long hot day in the car?


Now the footprint photo you sent to me, was there just one or was there other tracks?

Well, I wanted to look more over (steep embankment), but my daughter wouldn’t let me. Because it was scary, and it was quite a drop down.  She wouldn’t let me go down there.

STEENBURG NOTE: This witness would give long drawn out answers to many questions which to my mind was distracting to the subject at hand. She contacted me from the road, and was in a very exited state. Something she herself pointed out a number of times. A few days later I did call her again at her home in Alberta, where we went over many of the details again. By this time she had calmed down quite a bit. I did interview the second witness during the original phone interview.


Hello (name with held), I was just talking to your mom, Can you tell me how all this was brought to your attention that something strange was going on?

I was just sitting in the back seat, my daughter was kind of being grumpy, so I came back here to feed her.   I was just feeding her and my mom and I just drove around this bend in the road and she said, “Whats going on here.” “ Why is that person crossing the road?” There’s wildlife here so I am looking at the side ditch and not looking ahead.  I was looking at the side ditch when she said, “What is that?” Then I looked out toward the front through the passenger side of the windshield, and this tall, tall dark figure just stepped over, off the highway, and he was kind of in the ditch, like basically where I took that picture (track photo), is where I saw him, like he was standing right there, and I was like, “Holy,” as I can see that he is super tall!  Stocky, and he didn’t have a neck. He was built, he was stocky.  And he just dropped down (steep embankment), and he was just gone.

How tall do you think the subject was?

Over 6 foot for sure.

Could you tell if it was hairy?

Yeah.  It had hair.

What color was it?


Were you close enough to see any detail concerning the face?


How far away was it when you saw it?

When I saw it. Maybe 30 feet.

STEENBURG NOTE: I thought 30 feet was close enough to at least see some facial details so I discussed this with her for a bit, but her explanation of short time duration and profile angle of the subject seemed reasonable explanation in my opinion.

Was it still visible when you passed the spot?

No, he wasn’t visible. He had dropped down (other witness said she could still see the top of the subjects head?).

The photos of the possible footprint are actually yours?

Yes, they are mine.

Thank you for them by the way.

No problem. I hope you can make something out of them because I have a hard time seeing it when I look at them. (LAUGHS).

When your mother was searching the area did you notice any odor at all?

No. But I stayed in the car most of the time because of my daughter was with us and I wasn’t going to leave her alone in a car along the highway.

How old is your daughter?

She’s 5 months.

She was in the back in the baby seat?


You were feeding her?


When you saw the subject was it crossing the road left to right or right to left?

You mean to us or the cars coming the other way?


It was on kind of an angle. (It did cross left to right)

An angle? Towards you or away from you?

Towards us. But I really still couldn’t see the face? I could see the outline of it, but not any details of it. It was just so dark colored.

Could you see any skin?

No. He was just so dark. That is what caught my attention really, because every time we come to BC, I get a little upset because we don’t see much wildlife anymore, so when my mom said something I looked up and she said, “What is that!”. That is what really caught my attention was his dark features, how dark he was, and the fact he didn’t have a neck, he had a big head. He was really stocky.

STEENBURG NOTE: When I talked to the first witness, (mother) again after a few days she too remarked on the fact that the subject did not seem to have a discernible neck.

Your mother mentioned that you stopped at the ‘Welcome to Avola’ pull out.  It was before you got there this happened?

Yes, it was before the pull out.

How long before the pull out?

10 or 15 minutes, if that.

Any man-made landmarks visible at the spot?

There was an ad sign maybe 5 minutes after the spot with the words ‘HANDCRAFTER ‘ something or other written on it? It was a big sign and it had Handcrafter written on it? There were other things written underneath it but that’s what I remember. A sign for a shop on the side of the highway type thing.

STEENBURG NOTE:  At this point she asked if I wanted them to drive back to the spot in question? This interview was over the phone while they were still traveling back to Alberta some 60 minutes after it happened. Both ladies were willing to go back but I told them not to interrupt their trip. They said it would be no interruption and they would call me back later that night.  She did. She informed me that the sighting location was 41 kms up Highway 5 from the town of Clearwater. I did a Google map check and found that Clearwater was 67.1 kms south of Avola.  So, I simply subtracted 41 kms from 67.1 kms and concluded that the sighting location was 26 kms south of Avola. Give or take.

The two ladies I am convinced did encounter something odd on Highway 5, 26 kms south of Avola, BC at 10 : 19 am, August 12, 2015.  The photo included with this report does show possible characteristics of a possible footprint but not distinctly so. Now a hoax being perpetrated on the two ladies can not be ruled out but the circumstances surrounding this incident at least in my opinion make a hoax seem very unlikely. The only other possibility at least in my mind is they did indeed witness a Sasquatch crossing the road.

Thomas Steenburg


Track photo 2

Survivorman And Todd Standing Together Again!

Here is a video of my opinion on the ongoing association between Les Stroud, and one Todd Standing.

It is already well known that  I put little credibility in the activities of Mr Standing.  However, I have a good deal of respect for the work of Mr Stroud.  So, is it any wonder, the mind boggles at the fact Mr Stroud is still taken in by this man’s ongoing attention seeking antics.   In my  opinion, Mr Standing  suffers from what I refer to as ‘Ivan Marks Syndrome’; more concerned with being famous and the center of attention than any concern over the possible existence of an unknown primate.

Well, one can only hope that Mr Stroud will see the light before too much damage is done.

Thomas Steenburg

Old Stomping Grounds

On April 19, 2015, myself and colleagues again returned to an area which I have spent much time in over the years, with it’s long history of possible encounters as well as continued reports which come to light every now and then.

The Riverside Recreation area, where in 1986 one of the more interesting and amazing incidents occurred which I have personally investigated, was revisited again, and some filming was done for a future DVD documentary.

I am still amazed how much of the sighting location has changed since 1986.  Tracks which were found along a small creek bank (Buldbeard Creek) was basically an open area back then, is now filled with new-growth trees.  Only a few of the old growth which were there in 1986, as well as the rock slide area, now make the the spot even recognizable.  When filming at the campsite  itself, it was rather humorous to have the camp host walk up to our group wondering who we were, and finding out about our interest in the Sasquatch, immediately let out a tirade of “Oh, that’s only a legend”; “There is no such thing”; “The story about what happened here in 1986, never happened”; etc, etc.

When I identified myself as the fellow who investigated the incident in 1986, he calmed down somewhat but we sure didn’t change his mind on the subject at all.  Before this, we had drove up high above the Chilliwack River Valley, which gave us a great view of the area. The photo below is looking down the valley .


Afterwards, we headed up the Nesakwatch FSR.   A very enjoyable day out in the forests of British Columbia but, again, nothing of real interest Sasquatch-wise was encountered.

Thomas Steenburg

Another Outing And Still Hoping

Today,  April 13, 2015, myself along with Brad and Jason, decided to check out an area which was fairly close by on a local FSR where I was told a possible Sasquatch sighting had occurred just a few weeks before.  The gent walked up to me while I was at the Co-op filling station in Hatzic, BC.   He was in a hurry so I gave him one of my cards and he agreed to call to set up a proper interview for a later date.

However, he did give me enough information as to figure out the location.  We felt we could at least check the area out in the meantime, as I knew the bridge in question, having been there a number of times in the past.  My two colleagues had also been there before, as well.  The bridge in question is in the photo below.


The witness in this case reported that he was traveling  over the bridge and was following the road as it veered left up a slight upgrade when he spotted a large, black, upright figure disappearing into the trees on the drivers side of the road, about 300 hundred feet beyond the bridge.  The witness did slow down as he passed the spot but did not stop.  I hope to get a lot more details soon.

Our searching of the area did uncover what appears to be a game trail about where he claims to have seen the animal (see photo below) but of course there were no footprints or any other evidence in the area to support the sighting.   This was not surprising considering all the rain that has fallen.


So another possible sighting?  Hopefully more will come to light in the following days.

Thomas Steenburg



Sometimes It’s Too Crowded

This past Easter weekend, myself and some colleagues again decided to venture into the mountains to search for evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch.

Being a long weekend with the weather nice, and the fact I have encountered this situation more times in the past than I can count, I should have remembered beforehand that every Tom, Dick and Harry from the cities with campers or a tent head out into the accessible areas of our forests, to consume too much beer, scream and howl like morons, and just behave like spoiled idiots.  And let’s not forget going home the last day leaving tons of trash behind.

Such was the case again during this Easter weekend of 2015.   We had planned to return to an area of one of my better-known investigations to relive some of my recollections, and search the area once again for a fish stringer a Sasquatch was purported to have stolen from a campsite in 1986.

However, our plans had to change drastically when the the place was found to be over-flowing with campers so numerous, that every pullout within 5 kilometers seemed to have three or four tents and RVs, packed in like sardines.

We ended up traveling  approximately 10 kilometers into the high-country before we had any room to search without running into the Bundy family, partying with Adams family.  One group of face-panted weirdos, marching down a dirt road, reminded me of a group of hippies in company with a circus freak show; would you believe the head moron was leading the way blowing on a bullhorn which he’d wrapped around his upper torso?

Well, any Sasquatch, or any other wildlife, would have kept well hidden on such an occasion when their normally peaceful wilderness home gets invaded by the, ‘NIGHT OF THE LIVING BRAIN-DEAD’. The ironic thing is: these folks are just the type who, when they learn of our interest in the Sasquatch mystery, have the nerve to call us strange.  Some people never grow up.

Thomas Steenburg

Morris Mountain

PHOTO taken of Morris Mountain – August 21, 2014

On the spur of the moment last night (March 21, 2015) I decided to do a late night run to an area of which I have visited a hundred times before: a large, old-growth covered hill just north of the Chehalis First Nation Reserve, which is named Morris Mountain.

This large hill has a place in Sasquatch history and lore as a place which, according to the Chehalis people, is where, in years past, the Sasquatch would gather and light fires, to look down upon the land they had lost to the Chehalis people in battle – generations before.  Mount Morris was for many years considered where semi-civilization ended and true wilderness began.

It is the location of another ‘Classic’ tale of the Sasquatch, the story of Serephine Long, who was a young woman of 17.  In the year 1871, it was said that the young 17 year old was carried off by a Sasquatch and taken to a cave on Morris Mountain.  After having her eyes covered with pitch, she was held captive by a number of the creatures but was mainly the possession of the large male who had kidnapped her.

Her story was not made known until she told it to J.W. Burns (whom coined the term Sasquatch in 1929) when she was a very old woman, during the 1930s.  She stayed with the Sasquatch family for about a year and, in failing health, had kept pleading with her captors that she wished to return home before she died.

I suppose the continuous nagging was too much, even for a Sasquatch, and the creature again put her over its shoulder and dropped her in the same area he had found her a year before.  When she was found by her people, she was said to be close to death, unable to tell of what happened to her and later that same night gave birth to a deformed baby which died soon after birth.  I have only seen one photograph of Serephine Long, taken in 1941, when she was about 87 years old.  She died not long after that.

Another Classic tale in an area of Classic history – a place of continued reports until this day.  In fact, I was on Mount Morris when a lady had her sighting at Weaver Lake, August  21, 2014 – only four kilometers away.  Having only found out about it after I returned home and heard her phone message on my answering service later that evening, I went to the scene the next morning with a colleague, Brad Trent, to investigate.

So Morris Mountain continues to be an area of interest to those investigating the Sasquatch mystery; every bit as much today as in the distant past.  Such thoughts kept going through my mind as I drove slowly over the mountain around midnight last night, through thick patches of dense fog, then no fog at all, then a second patch, wondering would this trip result in a personal sighting?

Stopping by a pond area where the frogs are like a choir with the chirping of hundreds; suddenly all going silent at the same time and me wondering: why?   After about 60 seconds one frog starts up, and in a few moments they are all going again, whatever it was which caused them to go suddenly silent, was no longer considered a threat.  After about 20 minutes, I went back to the vehicle still wondering what caused the sudden silence, as my movements didn’t seem to cause the same effect…

Like all my other visits to Morris Mountain, I come home having seen nothing myself but still having the thought that perhaps, just perhaps, a Sasquatch was watching me. I will be going back.

Thomas Steenburg

Searching And Searching And Searching

Tomorrow afternoon, myself and three like-minded colleagues will once again head into the back country with the hope and dream of encountering a Sasquatch; or finding evidence of the creature’s presence.

God only knows how many trips looking for evidence this will be for me, as I lost count years ago.  In all this time I may have had a possible, fleeting glimpse myself – only once.  I have seen possible footprints on six occasions; collected hair samples from sighting locations which, so far, turned out to be from other wildlife.

We recently had rocks thrown at us, or at least we assume it was rocks since we never saw them, just heard them ripping through the greenery.  Plus, the fact we never saw what or who was throwing them?

On another occasion, myself and Bill Miller were stumped at a tree line wondering what was the cause of a very unpleasant odor which assailed our nostrils.  I went into the trees expecting to find something dead, but found nothing, and even more puzzling was after a time this unpleasant odor dissipated rather quickly, leaving us more perplexed?  Was a Sasquatch responsible – who knows? The fact is that we never saw the cause.  So, even though the possibility is there, we can’t just assume it to be so – far too much of that going on in this research.

But it’s the possibility that keeps my interest alive.  So tomorrow, we try again.  But I am well aware of the fact that the odds are overwhelming that this won’t be the last time.

Thomas Steenburg

Don’t Fear Admitting to A Mistake

Researchers in this field of study must remain on guard against developing an inflated ego.  When recognition for past work, for the most part, seems to be looked upon with favour it is too easy to become pigheaded, and develop a sense of ‘I am always right and others who disagree with me are always wrong’.

I have had a great many arguments in the past that I now regret, as I realize the person with whom I was arguing with, might have indeed had a valid point.  It is easy to fall into the trap of arrogance.  However, to realize you have made a mistake, yet continue to move in a direction you know is wrong, is by far, much worse.

One of my own cases was dealing with a well-known Sasquatch skeptic, the late Michael Dennet.  Mr. Dennet had always been very critical of so-called evidence brought forward by the late Paul Freeman.  In the early 1980s, I believed Paul Freeman and most of the evidence he brought forward, and defended him much longer than perhaps should have.  I also had a few long, drawn-out debates with Mr Dennet concerning Freeman’s findings and conclusions.

Well, over time – and looking into the matter – I studied the evidence, I talked to people involved and I learned things.  I can say, right here and now, that in the case of the late Paul Freeman, the late Mr. Dennet was right and I was wrong.

Being wrong is nothing to be afraid of.  We all make mistakes in the Sasquatch field, and admitting to them takes nothing away from a researcher’s credibility.  In fact, in my view, it improves it.

So, if there are any researchers out there whom may feel now, after much sober, second thought, that perhaps they had been taken in somewhat by, oh I don’t know, Todd Standing; or perhaps a researcher was a little to quick to jump on the Massacre at Bluff Creek band wagon, it is far better to admit to a mistake than carry on knowing you are wrong.  Or even just going silent on a particular issue hoping the whole thing just blows over.

Making mistakes is a learning experience.  I now always listen to what people have to say, even if I disagree with them.  I will always keep an open mind when doing so even though they’re wrong! 😛

Thomas Steenburg


Rene was Rene. That really, in a nutshell, was the only way to describe the man.  We were good friends – I loved the guy.  So, when I was asked about him during a recent outing, the memory came back of two trips with Rene, in the same general area that we were now standing.  I was much younger then and at times my inexperience would show.  Something Rene would never, and I mean NEVER, fail to point out!

Rest in peace, my friend – I miss you.


I have been asked many times in the past what I felt on the issue of Hibernation and whether I felt that this may be an explanation for the sharp decrease of reports during the winter months.  This short interview was recorded by Jason Cain on a recent winter outing, Sunday January 18, 2015 and expresses my own views on the subject.

Thomas Steenburg