Latest Investigation

On Monday, September 21st, 2020 the witness in this case was driving north through Golden Ears Park. He intended to go to North Beach were he planed on another nice day of hiking. something he does quite often. he had gone 8.6 kilometers into the park when he happened to glance at his rear view mirror a saw something which shocked and confused him. The subject had crossed the road behind his passing car and was half way across the road when he saw it. He saw for about 1 or 2 seconds before the subject entered the trees on the west side. He told me that he saw it take only 1 stride, 2 steps to clear the road way and disappear? He slammed on the brakes and did a rushed turn around in his car to try and get another look at whatever this was? when he got back to the spot where the subject had entered the trees, it took him about 45 seconds to turn around and return there was no sign of it. He did not see it again. Later after returning from the North Beach area he stopped their again and marked the spot with a blue elastic band. He then went home and told a few family members about what he had seen. He was advised to keep the matter quite. however he felt compelled to report what he had seen and contacted Chris Murphy be e-mail after spotting his name on a blog site, (SASQUATCH CANADA) i Believe? Chris then forward the report to me. After a few days of exchanged e-mails and a little phone tag I met the witness at the entrance to the Park the following Friday September 25th. We then both investigated at the sight and the witness, who requested to remain anonymous, sat down with me at a near by picnic table for a full interview. I had no reason to think this man was making up the story as he himself seemed trying to convince himself that other people had pulled a prank on him. My conclusion. He either saw a Sasquatch or was indeed the victim of a well planed hoax? I took several videos at the site, what follows was my own recreation of his movements at the actual site.

File 10220 e backup

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