I normally don’t do reviews of film documentaries on the subject of the Sasquatch due to the fact in my opinion there really hasn’t been too many good ones since the early 1990’s before the subject became dominated by ‘The Inmates Running The Asylum”.   Not all of them have been bad just the vast majority; ever since the Blair witch project started the genre of sticking a camera in someones face then telling them to run through the trees acting scared!

“Boggy Creek Monster” was for me a pleasant surprise.  Filmed in 2016, it featured researcher Lyle Blackburn, whom I have a great deal of respect for due to his just stick to the facts approach to this ongoing mystery.

The program reviews the events which were featured back in the early 1970’s film, ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ produced and directed by the late Charles B Pierce concerning a Sasquatch-type creature reported to prowl close to the town of Fouke, Arkansas, USA. The program revisits a number of incidents featured in the movie and asks hard questions not brought up in the film.

A couple of the original locations still exist and are shown in the film. Best of all, Lyle Blackburn interviews alleged witnesses concerning events in the years following the early 1970’s, letting the viewer know that yes, indeed, sightings of the Fouke Monster did continue after 1973 and reports continue up to the present day.

I personally recommend the Documentary film “Boggy Creek Monster” to anyone who has a keen interest in the Sasquatch question.  Especially those who wish to view something that takes a serious look into a mystery which doesn’t sidetrack with a lot of supernatural nonsense.

Thomas Steenburg

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