Never to late to report a sighting

This gentleman waited 26 years to report what he saw in late August 1994, but I am glad he did. His old house used to be a power station, now converted to a privite resadance. He sold the house about 10 years ago, but never forgot about the strange animal he saw out the window that day.

Thomas Steenburg

LOCATION: Powerhouse property, End of Vye Road, Near Abbotsford, British Columbia
DATE: August of 1994.
TIME: Late morning hours
REPORT BY: Thomas Steenburg

I was contacted by phone by a Mr. John Vanderlinden on April 4th, 2020, whom wanted to tell about a strange creature he saw during the summer of 1994 as he was looking out his own window. At the time John owned the old powerhouse station at the end of Vye road. He no longer owns the property.
During a pleasant summer day in August of 1994 John was just looking out toward the mountain which his property is right next to when he saw what he believes to be a Sasquatch crossing a clear-cut heading west to east.
I interviewed John over the phone, some of which is reproduced below.

Was this at night or day?
During the day, definitely. Clear as a bell.
What time?
I would say about noon. Later on, the same day I had some friends come over, and I mentioned it to them, and they believed me.
How far away was it from you?
I would say maybe, Oh, 400 feet?
What color was it?
It appeared to be brown, I would say not a smooth brown, some sort of coat, you know fur coat, it didn’t look like smooth, but rough.
What was your first impression?
I was stunned. You know, “What the hell”.
How did you react when you saw it?
I didn’t know what to say. What to do? Should I go out there? It went so fast through that clear cut.
What was it doing?
Walking through the clearance, from one side to the other, into the woods.
Left to right or reverse?
Left to right, it was going east.
Was it hairy?
Oh absolutely. I knew it wasn’t a creature with cloths on, that’s for dam sure.
Did it stand and walk upright?
Like I said, upright but bent forward. Ape like movement.
Did you ever see it go down on all fours?
No, never. Not even for a second.
How tall do you think it was?
I would say 7feet, 7 foot something? It was tall.
How heavy do you think it was?
Oh god, that’s hard to say, More than twice my weight for sure. (225 pounds). (Creature at least 450 pounds).
How long did you see it for?
20 to 30 seconds?
Did it see you?
Oh, absolutely not. I was inside the building looking out the window.
Did you see any facial features?
No. Too far away.
Could you tell if it was male or female?
Oh, I couldn’t tell you that?
Did you notice anything about the arms?
Very long arms. Just swinging at its side. Very ape like.
Did it make any noise?
No. It was too far away.
Did you smell anything before during or after?
Are there any other characteristics which stand out in your memory?
Just that it was large, ape like, dark brown, and it had big powerful movements.
Did you check for footprints later?
No. I never thought of doing that.
Did you report what you saw?
No. You tell people they think you are crazy. Just my friends.
Were there any other witnesses, or were you alone?
I was by myself.
What do you think it was?
I think it was a Sasquatch.

John Vanderlinden and I talked for quite awhile and he gave much more detail during this interview than is written down here. But I wanted to keep this report at 3 pages rather than 10. But the reader does get a basic idea of what occurred at his home during a warm sunny day in August 1994.

Thomas Steenburg

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