A Slow September? Not Really.

A few folks have commented how slow this last month has been, report wise. Yes, they have been few and far between but I have looked into a few which I normally would not write about since certain aspects of the report do not meet a standard which I consider a must. This first incident sounded very interesting but unfortunately the main witness has decided she does not wish to be interviewed or become involved in any further investigation in any way. Needless to say, as far as I was concerned that was the end of it. However, a fellow she did talk to manged to note a few facts.

This alleged sighting occurred August 9th 2019. It was in the wooded hills northwest of Kamloops, BC. It was about 4:45 pm. Witness was in pickup truck with 4 other people. She saw the subject for 3 to 5 seconds. She did try to alert the others to it but by the time the truck was halted, whatever it was, was out of view? She did not mention the name Sasquatch to the other people, but said some animal was on the hillside. She thought it was tall, about 7 feet, huge shoulders with no neck and had a somewhat conical shape to the head. It had a uniform dark color to its entire body which she said was either hair or a full body suit of some kind. I would have liked to follow up on this case when it was happening, but the witness has decided to stop talking about it.

A second incident came to my attention from a friend named Brad Trent who was recently on a hunting trip and was talking to another hunter around the fire when the subject of Sasquatch came up in conversation. This fellow told Brad he saw what he be leaves to be a Sasquatch during October of 2007, while he and another man were driving north up the Harrison Lake East F.S.R. They were at the 4 km point very close to the Slollicum F.S.R. turn off, when both men saw what for a moment they took for a bear come out of the trees on the west side, crossed the road about 100 yards in front of their pick up truck, and scramble up into the wooded hill side to the east. The whole thing lasted about 5 seconds. The man telling this story did give his first name but I will keep that confidential for now. The second man in the truck was not identified. He did describe what he saw as bigger than a bear. it was a dark colour; hairy and was upright the whole time it was in view. Sighting lasted about 5 to 6 seconds? That was about all he told Brad. Now I would like to talk to this man to try and get more details so hopefully that will happen in the near future?

This is just a couple of examples of reported incidents I hear all the time which for one reason or another do not result in full detailed interviews. More often than not, due to witness reluctance, I don’t blame them but that just makes me even more interested in hearing more. That has been September so far. Slow but by no means less interesting.

Thomas Steenburg

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