Red eye reflection?

For forty years of research now, I have always had a red-flag pop up in my mind anytime someone reported that the subject they were looking at in the dark had a bright red color reflection in the eyes when a flashlight or car head lights were directed towards its face. I have encountered animal eye reflection myself hundreds of times during all those years searching for signs of Sasquatch. As well as many years before that growing up in wilderness areas in Ontario, Canada. Almost always, the eye reflection was white. Sometimes a little pinkish or orangey tinge to it,but basically white. So, when a witness described bright red eye reflection, I was assuming they were mistaken, seeing either pink or orange color or they were just trying to make the encounter sound more creepy and exciting than it actually was. Well, it is never too late to admit that I was wrong. I, THOMAS STEENBURG, WAS WRONG! I now know it is indeed possible that for some reason, eye reflection, in wildlife can appear to be bright red to the observer.

I came to this conclusion during the early morning hours of August 20th, 2019 at approximately 3 am as I was driving towards the entrance to Sasquatch Provincial Park . I noticed two bright red dots in the long grass off the right hand side (passenger side) which I took at first to be reflectors on a old fence or sign post? Bright red. I never got close enough to see what this thing was as they appeared to me to turn away in the direction of the thick forest on that side of the road. They did not appear to be any higher off the road surface than a raccoon or bob cat would be. So, the idea of a Sasquatch did not enter my mind. I should also mention that the location of this was right between two prior investigations of sightings in 1972 and 2010. I did stop and tried to see what this might be by flashlight but nothing else was seen. There is a rather deep ditch there at this point as well, meaning that it could indeed have been something bigger than a raccoon or bob cat? However, the fact remains I never got close enough to see the outline of anything as the eyes just seemed to look at my approaching headlights for a moment, then turned away and retreated into the forest. I did return during daylight hours on August 22nd, and found no sign of a old post or sign with reflectors, nor any other sign like footprints? I have no idea what it was behind what I now believe was a pair of bright red reflective eyes? I did take some video footage of the location during day light. I hope you enjoy.

Aug 20 2019 B

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