Showing Sasquatch History

On Sunday, June 9th, 2019 I met a visiting researcher from the State of Oregon, Dustin Severs whom has a keen interest in the Classic tales from the past. As well as some of the pioneers from the early days of Sasquatch investigation: the late John Green, as well as the late Rene Dahinden, and the late Bob Titmus; all three of which I knew well and spent many hours with in the field. Dustin has a future book in mind and I had many stories to tell. We started the day visiting the former homes of Green and Titmus in Harrison Hot Springs, then took a ride out to Harrison Mills to hopefully view the John Green exhibit at the Kilby Museum. Unfortunately, our timing was bad and the museum was still closed. Dustin decided he would try again the next day on his way back home.

We then head down Highway 7 to Ruby Creek and the site of the Classic Ruby Creek Incident of 1941. I am fortunate enough to be on good relations with the present day owners and have permission to show interested parties the location on which the old house once stood.

Dustin Severs at the 1941 Chapman site

I had my complete file along for him to review and photograph. I even showed him the old shovel George Chapman left in the tree all those decades ago.

After spending some time at the Chapman site, we then went up to Yale BC where I took Dustin to the location of tunnel number #4 which is the location of the alleged Jacko capture back during the gold rush days of 1884, another Sasquatch Classic. I have only shown the spot to about 18 people since I first visited it many years ago. I still wonder if it was a true story or an early example of 19th century tabloid journalism? Whichever, it is a Classic in the history of research. Dustin seemed to be captivated.

Jacko capture site. Photographed in 2009. T. Steenburg

We stopped at a few more sites and every time we went by a spot where I report or sighting was brought to my attention, we would talk about it. We had lunch back in Harrison where I let Dustin review a large binder of past correspondence between myself and the late John Green, Rene Dahinden ,Bob Titmus, and others. I only hope that Dustin found the day worth his time.

Thomas Steenburg

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