Here We Go Again – Part Two

What follows here is a second article we put out during the original outbreak of insanity now known as the “Massacre At Bluff Creek ” conspiracy theory which MK Davis has chosen to raise again recently. This deals with the fact that at the time MK Davis, as well as David Paulides, and the late Bobbie Short, not only had no idea what footage they were actually looking at but had totally misidentified some key people in the footage.

I remember back between 2009 and 2011 the late Bobbie Short said that I, Bill Miller and the late John Green were trying to deceive people, and that the man carrying the shot gun in the Blue Creek Mountain footage (shot by the late Rene Dahinden in late August / early September 1967) was in fact Bob Titmus. I tried to convince her that Titmus was not even there at the time and in fact the man she was looking at was the pilot of the plane which took Green, Dahinden, Moffit, and the tracking dog (White Lady) down to Northern California.

To make matters worse, it became apparent that MK Davis, Paulides, and the late Bobbie Short now believed that the Blue Creek Mountain footage was in fact part of the Patterson/Gimlin footage that had never been seen before? It was images from this footage that MK altered to support his wild massacre story which, as far as I am concerned, made MK Davis a Hoaxer. When one alters an image to give a false impression of what one is looking at, that is hoaxing by any definition I know. Read the article here as well as part one and decide for yourself.

Thomas Steenburg

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