Incomplete video appears on youtube

The following video appeared on youtube this past May 18 2018 from the folks at Sasquatch Central.

Now all in all it was a good presentation of an investigation on a case in which I was personally involved with at the time all this was occurring. But what I do not understand is why the most important part of that follow up investigation was left out? What I am referring to was the fact that Gerry Mathews and myself witnesses a coyote emitting these incredible cry’s on April 5th, 2006. Now I know Ken Kristian was aware of what Gerry and myself witnessed that day as we called him on Gerry’s cell phone even before we had left the area. He was disappointed of course, as we were ourselves, that it wasn’t a large primate. But the facts are the facts in research, even when the conclusion is not what you had hoped it would be! The Chehalis screamer, which terrified residents in the trailer park during this time, were a rare call made by coyotes! Not a Sasquatch.

Thomas Steenburg

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