Sasquatch Research – An Investigation, Not A Religion

I am amazed at the irrational responses and comments sent into this Blog and on Youtube, concerning my posted videos, in which I talk of my own opinions and research since the late 1970s.

All of which simply confirm what I have been saying for a number of years; now that the Sasquatch research community more resembles an asylum which is being taken over by the inmates rather than serious researchers trying to solve an on-going and fascinating mystery.

So many comments are just the spouting of self-deluded individuals, whom are hiding behind the fact they can write what they want and remain anonymous.

I have no problem with debating with those who disagree with my views, as I am always willing to admit when I am wrong.  But stick to the the topic rather than going on a tirade of name-calling;  that only exposes the fact that the other person does not have a valid counter-argument, and is resorting to desperation.  So, from now on, any comment which has no validity, and denigrates to just personal insults will be deleted, at once, and repeated attempts will result in the banning of any further comments from those individuals.

Sasquatch research is an investigation, seeking an answer to a mystery.  It is not pushing a religious-type faith. This mystery will be solved by evidence and “sticking to the facts and never deviating from the facts”.  It will never be solved by those who draw conclusions based on personal faith and wishful thinking, with a heavy dose of self-delusion.

Thomas Steenburg

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