Sightings Becoming Trendy?

One of the most important things to remember as a researcher interviewing a witness, who claims to have had a Sasquatch encounter, is to not assume anything as to the truth of the claim, until you have all the facts.  The most important fact that must be kept in mind is the reality that this whole mystery is still ongoing.

The existence of this creature is still not accepted by society at large.  Their existence is unproven, unconfirmed, and hotly-debated.  Therefore, if the the Sasquatch does not exist – nor ever did – the undeniable facts are that every witness who claims a Sasquatch sighting is either mistaken, or lying.  If the Sasquatch does exist then it is safe to assume that a fair number of people who claimed to have seen one, did see one.

Unfortunately, false claims are only reduced a small percentage, if indeed the Sasquatch does exist.  With the internet and various other mainstream media programs now trying to cash in on this whole subject, claiming to have seen a Sasquatch does not necessarily evoke the dread it used to back when I started research in the 1970s.  Back then witnesses, for the most part, seemed to be more concerned with not having friends or family members questioning their sanity; or having fingers pointed at them.

Seeing a Sasquatch and going public had some social consequences attached.  This is still on some peoples minds today, however, I have noticed a strange shift in public attitude concerning this whole thing.  Today, it almost seems trendy to claim to have seen a Sasquatch, whether true or not.

I have been contacted by a fair number of people trying to tell me some of the most incredible stories hoping I would refer them to the ‘Finding Bigfoot’ television show.  One only has to listen to Coast to Coast Radio for a week to hear people claiming the most ridiculous things.  For these, and other reasons a serious researcher must, when interviewing any eyewitness’, maintain a healthy sense of skepticism.

Skepticism is the best quality a good researcher can have, so long as it is not accompanied with closed-mindedness.  Always remember: we are researchers trying to find an answer to an ongoing mystery – not religious leaders trying to push a faith.

Thomas Steenburg

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