Twisted Trees. Shelters and Other Claims

I have noticed, especially since the wide-spread use of the internet, that claims of structures, nests, shelters, twisted trees and many other things have been put forward by many in the Sasquatch field as an established fact.

I, myself, have come across many such strange things out in the bush while searching for evidence.  Their existence I cannot deny, however what I have NOT found is any evidence, whatsoever, that the Sasquatch had anything to do with them.  Personally, I think that when an idea or possibility is repeated often enough, and over a length of time, many start to assume such possibilities as established facts, even though there really has been no evidence to support such assumptions.

The twisted tree theory goes way back to its origin in Northern California during the Pacific Northwest Expedition.  The late Robert Titmus first made the suggestion when he noticed the tops of small trees broken off, and wondered if Bigfoot was the cause; perhaps a marker of some kind?  He was never really convinced of this, he just wondered at the possibility.  And yes, I did know the late Robert Titmus, and had discussed this issue with him on a number of occasions.

However, over the years, the suggestion took on a life of its own.  Over time, due mostly to others finding such damaged trees, it led to documentaries and docudramas on television.  As well, a number of attention seekers breaking and twisting things on their own, while claiming Sasquatch was responsible.  The result is within the research community as a whole, many now think of this as an established fact.  In reality it isn’t.

The same holds true for so-called nests, shelters, stick structures, etc., etc., all of which have came about as just possibilities suggested, but over time have morphed into a reality in the minds of many researchers who have accepted the connection without a thought.  I don’t deny the possibility that perhaps the Sasquatch could be responsible for some type of nest, or damaging trees in ways or for reasons we do not yet understand.

However, in the 37 years I have been involved with this, I have talked and interviewed well over 100 people who claim to have seen a Sasquatch (not even counting obvious hoax attempts); I have talked to many people who have come across twisted or broken off trees.  But I have never heard of one witness (at least reliable) who watched a Sasquatch twist or break a tree.  The same holds true for shelters, nests, stick structures, etc.  That is not to say that such activity does or never happens, I am just saying that so far I have seen no evidence of it.

Thomas Steenburg

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