Credible Witnesses

I was informed that an individual on another site (the BFF Forum) had posed a question to me: if I personally had any friends and colleagues who claim to have seen a Sasquatch, whom I believe? 

I found the question myself and tried to answer on the BFF site, but found that my spell-checker no longer corrects things for me there.  Having the spelling skills that a grade 5 student would laugh at, I decided to try and fix the problem before making any more posts on their website!

But as we were out and about in the Bush during one of the warmest January’s I can remember, it was decided to try and answer the question right then and there.  So, here you go, Terry, I hope this answers your question!

A quick note: In hindsight, I noticed I did not mention the late, Bob Titmus in the video.  I knew him for many years and as he claimed sightings on two different occasions, he then should also have been added to the list.  Once again, I have to state that if the Sasquatch does indeed exist (something I do believe, by the way!) then these men saw one.  If I am wrong, and the Sasquatch does not nor never did exist, then these men have had very good examples of mis-identification of common animals or humans.

Thomas Steenburg

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