John Bindernagel

It is with great sadness that another friend and colleague has passed on.

John Bindernagel, PHD lost his battle with cancer January 17th 2018.  He was a clear and logical mind in the field of Sasquatch research at a time when insane thinking is becoming the norm.  This, most of all, is the reason he will be missed by myself and others.

John was educated at the University of Guelph, Ontario Canada, as well as the University of Wisconsin, USA.  John told me he became interested in the Sasquatch Question in 1965, and moved to BC in 1975 when he began to research the mystery personally.  I first met him in 1993, if my memory  is correct.  He would publish two fine books  on the subject and was often contacted by myself and others when something happened on Vancouver Island as he and his family resided in Courtenay, British Columbia.  John was always available to add his expertise as a Wildlife Biologist to on going cases under investigation.

I took this photo of John in Yakima Washington in 2009.

John Bindernagel will be greatly missed.  I will never forget him.

Thomas Steenburg


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Researching the Sasquatch question since 1978. Authored three books on topic: 'The Sasquatch In Alberta', 1989; 'Sasquatch, Bigfoot,The Continuing Mystery', 1993; and 'In search of Giants', 2000. Thomas has also co-authored two other titles: 'Meet the Sasquatch', 2004 and 'Sasquatch In British Columbia' 2012. He has also written many articles and appeared on numerous television and Radio documentaries concerning the Sasquatch. Considered by many to be old school in the world of Sasquatch research.

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