Steenburg File # 10180

2012/10/06 – Hope Area. Just One Continuous Flow: A passenger
on a bus saw something strange in the Hope area at 7:35 p.m. on
October 6, 2012. Here is what he reported:
I was on Greyhound bus number 1274 from Calgary going
to Vancouver. I saw what I first thought to be a man wearing
a dark brown ski suit with hood. Then I realized there
was no apparent neck, face, hands, feet—or any indication
of separate items of clothing; just on continuous flow. The
left arm was slightly bent and swinging by its side. It was
walking slowly upstream along the edge of the creek. It
appeared to be looking at the ground ahead of it. The coat
appeared smooth. My second thought was that it was
someone pretending to be a sasquatch. If it was, he/she
was not paying any attention to the traffic on the highway.
As far as I know I was the only one who saw it. On the trip
back to Calgary it was very dark and I was unable to identify
the location of my sighting.
Source: Thomas Steenburg Sasquatch Incidents file, No. 10180

About Thomas Steenburg

Researching the Sasquatch question since 1978. Authored three books on topic: ‘The Sasquatch In Alberta’, 1989; ‘Sasquatch, Bigfoot,The Continuing Mystery’, 1993; and ‘In search of Giants’, 2000. Thomas has also co-authored two other titles: ‘Meet the Sasquatch’, 2004 and ‘Sasquatch In British Columbia’ 2012. He has also written many articles and appeared on numerous television and Radio documentaries concerning the Sasquatch. Considered by many to be old school in the world of Sasquatch research.

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