A New Documentary Film

The Unwonted Sasquatch is a new soon-to-be released documentary filmed during the summer heat wave of 2015.  I have not seen it yet but was sent the DVD cover poster by the producer yesterday.   I believe, right now, copies can be purchased on amazon.

Thomas Steenburgtheposter

About Thomas Steenburg

Researching the Sasquatch question since 1978. Authored three books on topic: ‘The Sasquatch In Alberta’, 1989; ‘Sasquatch, Bigfoot,The Continuing Mystery’, 1993; and ‘In search of Giants’, 2000. Thomas has also co-authored two other titles: ‘Meet the Sasquatch’, 2004 and ‘Sasquatch In British Columbia’ 2012. He has also written many articles and appeared on numerous television and Radio documentaries concerning the Sasquatch. Considered by many to be old school in the world of Sasquatch research.

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