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Hanging Out

With the extreme heat seemingly behind us – well, until the next wave hits, anyway – we decided to kick back and have some growlies at one our favorite hangouts, of course the Sasquatch Inn!

Thomas Jul 25 2015

Thomas, deep in contemplation of what would be the best menu item for the evening – his choice? Their awesome pizza!

Talk isn’t always about Sasquatch… 🙂 Tonight’s was all about enjoying the much needed cool minus the mosquitoes.

Good food, good company, and yes, laughter all around!


Just a quick addition to this post. I was thinking about Sasquatch the whole time. Yes indeed, no question, never think of anything else, no way around it, Sasquatch on the brain.  Ladies would you date this man? LOL.

Thomas Steenburg

Upcoming Local Event

An evening with Thomas:
Location:  Mission Library
                       33247 Second Avenue, Mission, BC
Tel (604) 826-6610
Date: February 25, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM8:30 PM PST
Event Description:
“Since 1978, local Mission resident Thomas Steenburg has been researching the elusive Sasquatch throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Washington. Thomas will spend the evening educating us on this fascinating or fictional creature.”
For more information: